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Hodowla cieląt z planem Kaliber

Jako hodowca bydła mlecznego nieustannie koncentrujesz się na zdrowiu i optymalnych wynikacj produkcyjnych Twoich krów. Osiągnięcie stabilnej wydajności życiowej to właściwy cel. Zwierzęta o właściwie ukształtowanym szkielecie i optymalnej kondycji cechuje wyższy poziom produkcji w ciągu całego życia. Kaliber jałówek zwiększa Twój zysk! 

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Plan odchowu cieląt Kaliber

Plan odchowu cieląt Kaliber od De Heus to Twoje wsparcie w wyhodowaniu dobrze rozwiniętych jałówek, skróceniu wieku wycielenia, a tym samym poprawie rentowności gospodarstwa.

Ten ambitny plan odchowu młodych zwierząt gospodarskich pomoże Ci osiągnąć:

  • Lower rearing costs
  • Higher lifetime production of your cows
  • Healthy and well-developed cows
  • Reduce age at first calving
  • Up to 1500 KG extra milkproduction in 3 lactations

Products supporting the Kaliber Calf Rearing Plan

The Kaliber Calf Rearing Plan consists of high quality milk replacers and feeds. They are specially designed to give your heifers exactly what they need in every phase.

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Covering the complete rearing period

When rearing a heifer to become a well-developed and productive cow, not only the first 6 months are important but the entire rearing period from birth till calving. At each stage of your heifer's life, the nutritional needs are different.

The Kaliber Calf Rearing Plan meets the requirements of your heifer at each phase of her life until calving. The Kaliber rearing plan provides the optimal feeding and management strategy to suit your specific farm situation. As a result, you will rear heifers with Kaliber!


We have the answers to your questions

A good colostrum management ensure a healthy start of your calf's life. Providing sufficient high quality colostrum boosts the immunity and reduces the risk on diarhea.

In each phase of the Kaliber rearing the requirements for the development of your heifer are different. E.g. In the 1st phase weaning from milk to solid feed and development of the rumen are important. In the 2nd phase a daily gain of the heifers is important. Different requirements require different nutritional and management practices.

The intake of starter feed should be at least 2 kg before you wean your calves and stop providing milk to your calves. When the calves eat too little compound feed after weaning they will have lower growth and more risk on health problems.

On each farm there is often a lot of potential to improve the rearing and development of heifers. Via adjustment management practices and correct nutritional advice and products the growth potential is utilized. In most cases this means similar cost and in future better developed heifers with a higher milk production.

How to ensure you rear well developed heifers?

By optimally managing the rearing period, you can rear calves to become productive heifers resulting in increased earnings, reduced workload and improved work satisfaction. The Kaliber Calf Rearing Plan is designed to rear calfs in the most economical way, combining management and feeding strategies with a well-balance feed ration. These methods can result in a higher milk income during the consecutive lactations - up to 1500 kg extra in 3 lactations.

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