Effectively reducing consumption

14 października 2020
5 minutes

We always remain critical regarding our production and logistics processes. Whenever we spot an opportunity to consistently reduce our energy consumption, we will seize it. This is demonstrated by the following concrete examples (the Netherlands):

Investing in high-efficiency steam boilers

For the production of our animal feeds, we rely on steam boilers. And thanks to the new generation of high-efficiency steam boilers, we are able to realise substantial energy savings. Already, in Sneek and Utrecht, we have recently replaced our existing boilers by these high-efficiency steam boilers. And because these have enabled us to structurally recover heat, our energy consumption in these locations has been reduced by about 15%!

Further optimisation of the production process

The continuous optimisation of our production processes has resulted in a more efficient conveyance of raw materials. This ensures cleaner production lines: they do not have to be cleaned as frequently with a neutral raw material before starting up a new batch. And reducing the number of cleaning cycles will further reduce energy consumption.

Energy-saving frequency controllers

Most machines we use for our production processes require a lot of energy - especially during their start-up phase. That is why each one of our feed-production plants is now making use of energy-saving frequency controllers. As a result, the machines can be gradually started up, which requires a lot less energy. In addition, they ensure optimum adjustment of the required capacity during production. This way, we prevent a lot of unnecessary energy consumption.