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How to achieve healthy level of somatic cells in milk?

As a farmer you strive to achieve high milk production with the parameters desired by dairies. Fat, protein and the number of somatic cells are just some of them. Behind each is proper nutrition, tailored to your farm. We know that there is no two identical farms and nutrition has to support your production. You can trust our global knowledge and experience that stands behind our products and on the farm advisory.

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What can you gain by choosing De Heus?

Udder diseases such as mastitis are responsible for the high level of somatic cells in milk. This is the main cause of economic losses on the farm. At De Heus, we approach this challenge comprehensively, preventing the problem and helping to maintain a healthy and profitable level of production.

Cow's health support

Healthier animals mean higher production.

Tailored feed

You can count on products tailored to your needs.

Farm's development

Our support is focused on your business goals.

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Cow husbandry is a daily challenge. We want to be your partner! Deepen your knowledge and learn about the promotions we have prepared for you.

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The importance of right nutrition in udders diseases prevention

Proper nutrition and animal welfare are key to healthy milk production. (And some other wise words for that :)). 

  • natural support of immunity
  • covering the demand for energy
  • proper balance of nutrients
  • higher milk production results
  • correct milk parameters

De Heus is my partner in everyday work on my farm. Higher production results are satisfiyng, but I am especially glad that my cows are healty and I reduced usage of antibiotics. Prevention is much more efficient

Joe Doe

Farmer ,World